How to loop a YouTube video on Mobile and Desktop

YouTube users often get so engrossed in a video that they wish to play it again and again. Whether it is your favorite song you want to play on repeat or a video you just can’t get enough of, it can be a great hassle to play it again and again.

An easy solution to the dilemma is putting the video on loop. There are several very simple methods of looping YouTube videos, and these are made even easier because YouTube recently upgraded their player to HTML5.

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Looping a YouTube video on a phone

When you are using the YouTube application on your smartphone device, looping is trickier than it is on a web browser. To loop a video on your phone, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the video you want to loop on your phone
  2. Click on the Save button in order to add this video to a new playlist.
  3. You need to name the playlist and its privacy setting. This is to ensure that you can easily access it again when you need to.
  4. Navigate to your Library and locate the playlist that you just made. Open the playlist by clicking on it
  5. Play the video and you will be able to see a drop-down arrow in the bottom right corner of the video.
  6. In the window that will open, click on the repeat icon on the top left corner. Doing so will highlight it in white. The video will now be played on repeat.

Looping a YouTube video in your desktop browser

There are several different ways in which you can loop a YouTube video on a browser.

Right-click If the browser you are using is modern and can be played using HTML5, simply right-clicking on the video and selecting the loop option will do the trick. However, it might not work in certain cases because of a different video setting, browser type, or operating system features.

If you are using Chrome, the method is slightly different. You need to hold down on the “shift” key and right-click on the video. Without releasing the “shift” key, right-click once again. This will open a different-looking menu which will have the loop option. The right-click trick is effective on Chrome browsers only.

1. Use a specific URL

Another way of looping a YouTube video on a browser is to use specific URLs. To do this, first, open your video and copy the like to it. Take the part of the URL after the “v=” and paste in the given places in the following URL:

This is a simple way of creating a playlist with only the selected video automatically. Once the video is in a playlist form, you can easily play the playlist on loop.

2. Manually create a playlist for the video

You can also create a playlist manually instead of using the aforementioned URL. To do this, you should be signed into YouTube on your browser. First, play the video you want to put on loop and select the “Add to” option below the video. Here, you will find the “create new playlist” option and then name the playlist. Once the playlist has been created, open your “Library” and find the playlist you created. Open the playlist and click on “play all”. This will put the video on loop as there was only one video in the playlist.

3. Use websites that are meant to loop YouTube videos

When trying to loop videos on a tablet or smartphone, you would need to use one such website. To loop videos using such websites, you must copy the URL of the video you want to watch and paste it in the Search bar. Now the video will be loaded on the website and will be looped continuously. These websites also enable you to loop specific parts of the video.

Does repeating videos increase video views, likes, and subscribers?

The answer is no. Normally, YouTube Views does not display repeated views from a particular user that takes place in a short time frame. This is because the repetition could simply have been because the user was refreshing the page repeatedly to make it load. Such views do not count so looping videos will not increase views.

Using the methods mentioned above you can easily loop YouTube videos on both smartphones and browsers. No need to replay a video again and again anymore!