How to change your YouTube name?

As social media takes over the modern times, a great list of applications have made their way through the market competition and succeeded in coming to the top. Among those many applications that are famous today, is YouTube. YouTube is a video application where users can make their own videos, make their own channels to advertise, blog, and reach out to the general public. YouTube works with your video uploads and the audience responds with video views, and likes


To start off, YouTube began its journey in 2005 and has rapidly grown since then. Calculating an average, it is believed that in every minute, people from all around the world are uploading more than 300 hours of YouTube video footage. People don’t just use YouTube to watch videos randomly, it is actually used as a search engine used by people to discover and find videos related to whatever they are finding. It is found that YouTube stands second to Google as the second-largest search engine. 


Do you plan to use YouTube to gain popularity? Or to promote your brand, or start a business? To make yourself known on YouTube and to get more subscribers, you need to make an attractive profile and make interesting videos that the public likes to watch. Only when your videos are different, interesting, and attractive can you stand against the competition. So, read ahead on how to change your YouTube name, because it has a great impact on your audience! A good channel name attracts more people!


How to change your name on YouTube 


Are you still making use of the same YouTube name that you chose in school? The one that had an old, embarrassing touch to it? If you have grown up, matured, and developed different interests, you may want to change your name to get good recognition. Does your current YouTube name even fit your personality? In most cases, people go with their old YouTube names because they don’t know how it can be changed. Well, the process is simple. It has some simple steps that you can follow with ease. It’ll barely take you a minute or so. 


Step 1: Open YouTube on your laptop or use the application on the phone. Once there, ensure that you are signed in to your YouTube account. 

Step 2: On the top right corner of the screen, you will see an account icon. That icon has the profile image that you have set, or it will have a letter in it. Once you know you are logged in, click this top right corner account icon.

Step 3: In the dropdown menu that opens, you will find a “settings” button. Click that button. 

Step 4: On the next page that opens, you will find the current set name of your YouTube account. Besides your name you have an option of “edit on google”. Click that option. 

Step 5: The page that opens up will show you the option of replacing the current name with a new one. Now, change the name to the one you want and click “OK”. Once that is done, your YouTube username is changed, and that is what will appear on your YouTube channel. Any of your videos that the public views will have this account name written below the video. 


In case you want to keep your username or photo different from your google account, you can connect your YouTube channel to any of your brand account. This way your YouTube account can be a way to support and grow your brand or your business without the need of being connected to your google account. 


Don’t let your YouTube name get in the way of your popularity. If you don’t like your YouTube name or plan to change it, go ahead because it is really as simple as it is described above. One thing that you need to note is that you can change your YouTube account name only thrice in a period of 90 days, so be sure about the name before you switch. You may have to stay with it for quite a while, so make sure to remove any errors before you click “OK”.