How to get more Instagram stories views

Instagram is all about creating and sharing stories, videos and images. But how do we make our stories and videos gain more views? And what is the secret behind getting more views for your Instagram Videos and stories?

The answer lies on Instagram itself.

Making the perfect Instagram Story

When you create videos for your brand or for a product, you are always creating a story. You might not be scripting your stories but you’re just creating it, and the main reason behind creating a story is to help people along the journey.  You must also try to be unique or use Instagram filters for your stories.

Some of the best storytelling tips on Instagram you should follow are listed below:

  1. One of the most important point to keep in mind is to “start with the end of the story” What is the core message you want to convey to your Instagram followers? As a lot of time people start talking about the topic, but they don’t know the end point of the story. So keep the ending in mind while putting your story out there on Instagram.
  1.    Notice your body language while shooting the Instagram stories. And try to put various kinds of emotions in your story.  People on Instagram want to see something unique and lively and not anything that is monotonous as Instagram allows you to swipe through the posts and stories in a click. Just make sure that your point comes across, using good emotions and demanding body language. In this way, people will engage and would be hooked to your video and hence your Instagram views would be increased.

Tips to increase Instagram views

  1. Whether you are making 60 seconds of a video or a video of 10 minutes long (only portrait mode) for IGTV, make sure you use Instagram stories (it stays for 24 hours) for promoting them.
  2. You can either use a still image or very short clip and tag your Instagram post, for people to land directly to the video. In this way, you would be able to increase your Instagram views fast.
  3. Use a handful of hashtags that relate to your video. Once you have done finding hashtags that are relatable and popular, make sure you use a balanced amount of hashtags with a higher number of posts and hashtags with lesser number of posts. (You can only add a maximum number of 30 hashtags on Instagram.
  4. You can also tag people with the same interests or friends and ask them to share your video.
  5. One of the most popular strategies being used on Instagram is playing with the captions.
  6. Start by writing “Tag at least 3 of your friends to get featured on my Instagram page. Or you can also opt for a giveaway to people who will share your video for the most number of times.

How to benefit from Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories was introduced as a boon for users on Instagram to stay on top of the trend and in front of the line. Whether you are brand or a startup or an influencer who wants to create buzz on Instagram by using photos and videos, Instagram Stories are the best way to engage your followers by posting a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse of your business or an ongoing process of which results will be coming soon. On instaboostgram, we provide you best quality views, buy Instagram story views with mind satisfaction and privacy protection.

Tips to create Instagram stories for more views.

  1. First of all, you can add as many stories you want to on Instagram. And if you gave the liberty to do so, then don’t just show about what’s going on, rather try to create an engaging narrative. In this way, you are more likely to get more views and people will interact and engage more with your content.
  2. Either you have posted a short clip or a video on Instagram, you can always tell about it in your stories in different ways. This will keep your story ahead of others on your follower’s page. In this way chances increases for attracting more number of views on your video.
  3. You can also Instagram stories to create a series of posts. They can be like “how-to articles or do-it-yourself” tips for your audience on your page.
  4. Take charge of Instagram new features, such as using Gifs, hashtags, adding location – to make people aware of the place of the event.
  5. Use Instagram filters to make your stories too compelling and irresistible to click on them. Your stories stay on Instagram for a period of just 24 hours. So make the most of it and generate more views on your video posts.


  1. Instagram is now the most favourite platform for users, influencers, opinion makers, bloggers, marketers, businesses, brands and startups.
  2. Users will continue to grow and share their content in a more creative and engaging manner by using Instagram tools (Instagram keeps adding more and more tools in its app to keep it an all-time refreshing platform).
  3. Each time Instagram launches a new feature, then don’t sit back and wait for a feature of your choice. Rather you must be the first one to adopt the feature. In this way, you will stay on the top of the trend and generate more views. Only when you will be always ready to adopt the new features, you would be able to stay ahead of your competitors.
  4. Do not hesitate in taking advantage of micro-influencers marketing. You can target influencers who have already developed a relationship of faith and trust among their audience.
  5. Carefully analyse the insights of your posts to stay most engaging time zones. And then start scheduling your videos for those time zones.
  6. Don’t underestimate the power of using the right hashtags to make your video post reach to a wider range of audience. Keep using hashtags that are relatable to your post and has a blend of the maximum and minimum amount of followers.
  7. Don’t take Instagram just like any other mobile application. Treat your Instagram page, just like you treat your company/business/brand.