What is a DM (Instagram Direct Message) and How to grown your business with it?

Are you wondering what is a DM and how to use Instagram DM (Direct Message)? Do you want to use this feature to connect with your customers and fans? Instagram DM is a new superstar which is changing the connection game on social media. In this article, you will learn how to use this underutilizing feature in your Instagram game, especially for your business.

What is a DM (Direct Messaging) on Instagram?

Direct message aka DM is a feature of Instagram for personal messaging-means exchange message between Instagrammers. Primarily, there was no such feature in Instagram but it turns into Instagram messenger.聽馃檪 It allows the user to connect with other users virtually that means the user can connect with everyone in this world except La La Land star Emma Stone and The hunger game star Jennifer Lawrence.

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How to use Instagram Direct?

You can send threaded message to more than one person using Instagram direct. You can send photos, videos, newsfeed posts, text, hashtags, location, and ephemeral photos and videos. But you can鈥檛 share the images and videos to other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter through Instagram DM. When you send feed posts as DM then your message won鈥檛 appear on your profile or feed search. Happiness hides inside that Paper plane icon that I spotted in the right corner of the Instagram app. Let鈥檚 have a look at the types of direct messages that you can send using Instagram.

路聽聽聽聽聽 MESSAGES:

Hello! What鈥檚 up, dude?

The simple text message is the basic form of Instagram direct message. Chat it up with your loved one, an old school friend or respond to your followers responding to your IG stories. It seems small but mighty feature.

路聽聽聽聽聽 PHOTOS

Took a wonderful photograph that is not shared with your IG fans just quiet yet? Or have a picture of something adorable you want to share with your pals or loyal customer? 聽Maybe it a cool kitty picture that doesn鈥檛 go with your news feed. Send it off to your friend, fans or customers to see using direct message on Instagram.

路聽聽聽聽聽 VIDEOS:

Go one step further and shoot an interesting video of an adorable bunny? Just perfect! Send it off to certain people who you make them smile. We all love to watch adorable cat videos but you can use DMs to send any type of video. Have a customer who has some question about your product? Maybe a client who wants to see your new product demo? Record your video and send this video off to your customers.


Have you the WiFi or data connection? Fabulous! You can make a video call with your friends, fans, customers or family. It is better not to switch to other video calling application when you use the app where you spend around 1 hour a day. Score! Whether it鈥檚 planned or spur-of-the-moment chats, IG DMs has got your back.

路聽聽聽聽聽 GROUP CHAT:

Gather round the Instagram with pals! Send photos, video or just engage in some friendly conversation with them. You can indulge in group chat with up to 50 people at a time. Most of the 鈥榞rammers go for small group chat means social butterfly.


Hold your horses, guys. The voice message is also a spanking feature that is favorite of 鈥榞rammers because it is a quick and simple way to send a message on this app. Tanks to Instagram for this fancy feature. Now all the casual chatter to family and friends and long business rant switch from a text message to voice message. Isn鈥檛 it cool?

How Does Direct Messaging Help Your Business?

This Direct Message button is more than entertaining video call or audio message with friends. If you are a business owner then you can make money using this goldmine. Let鈥檚 dive into how gliding into the IG direct messages will help grow your business!


A direct message is the active player of the Instagram game that could covert the instagram followers to your loyal customers. All you need to use it smartly. If the 鈥榞rammer takes time to indulge in conversation with you through DM, take time to respond back to him/her. It could be a new biz break or your industry influencer want your attention-maybe a potential collaboration, lead or maybe even a friendly conversation or meme. They all are equally important to build connections with your industry pals or influencers. Direct messaging provides you a chance to build a strong relationship with others outside of your newsfeed and comment section.


A quick direct message is quiet handy than typing up an email. Isn鈥檛 it?

People who follow your brand are likely to send questions about your brand or product or looking for advice or information. Though they have your emails or access to your social profiles, they prefer to contact with you through DMs. Just respond to them with a quick response through the 鈥榞ram. In other words, IG Direct messaging provides a chance to business owners to give personal and fastest customer service to loyal customers and potential clients; it鈥檚 not just for cool photos, anymore!


We always emphasize the power of connections by reaching out to like-minded people or influencers in your industry because it helps to grow your business. Direct messaging of Instagram is an informal way to connect and share ideas with your industry pals especially through the feature of group chat.


This is the ultimate goal of every business owner but how can you increase sales via direct messaging. Our one-line advice is to Leverage the power of influencers. Use this cool feature to reach out influencers and ask them to promote your brand product or service. You can also collaborate with them and increase your sales. Avoid sending emails to the influencers because they buried down in hundreds of other emails in their mailbox. Instead, reach them out through DM as they can instantly see who you are and what your brand are all about. Start an engaging conversation with them and appreciate their work using direct messaging. This personal conversation can spiral into them becoming the next client of yours! The power of the Instagram Direct Messages at work, guys!