What is right Instagram Story size to Up Your Game?

The Instagram app was first launched in 2010 that created a huge buzz in the world of social media. However, Flickr existed then which was undoubtedly the first choice of the users for photo sharing over the web. But due to the unique features of Instagram, it has become the solo warrior among the top photo-sharing websites over time. No other photo-sharing site introduced too many features that Instagram did and what’s more, it is limited to mobile phones only.

It means you were left to sideline if you have not a mobile device. In 2012, social media giant Facebook acquired Instagram for a whopping $1billion. Instagram allowed the comers to access this network from desktop gradually but some features are still accessed on its standard app. A unique feature of Instagram that keeps the users coming back to this network all day long is Instagram stories which are the Snapchat stories’ clone. But after one year of its launch, it has managed to bypass the number of Snapchat stories.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories were introduced back in 2016 which is the ephemeral type of content that disappear after 24 hours. Users can post photos and videos on their story feed but these videos and photos won’t appear on the user’s IG profile grid. Instead, your followers can access your posted videos and photos in your story feed by tapping your IG profile photo. Once they tap your profile picture, they can watch the content accumulated in your IG story feed in chronological order for 1 day (24 hours) after they were posted. And then they fizzle out.

What is the actual Instagram Stories Size?

Instagram stories are undoubtedly the most popular and unique feature of this network. It has been a wild success. World’s famous brands and regular users have taken to IG stories like wildfire. Once Instagram allowed the users to upload photos to your stories, users started getting creative with the imagery they used in stories.

But bow the problem with this is that the story dimensions are reliant on the device that the IG story is being viewed on. So this makes it relatively problematic to standardize. The aspect ratio approach for your IG stories is 9:16 which is also known as landscape 16:9 which is the format of a traditional computer screen, turned on its side rotated 90 degrees. In pixels, the story dimensions would be 1080×1920. This is a fixed dimension for your stories. If you go too wide or tall, it cropped down to size.

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Why You Need The Right Instagram Stories Size?

Although Instagram doesn’t mention the file size or file format restrictions in their help center then why you need the right stories dimension? The reason is that when you use right dimensions for your stories then ensures that your IG stories will be displayed in a way that amazes. It means your photos’ aspects won’t be cropped out. If you are shooting a video or photo (portrait) using your mobile phone then there is no such problem with image optimization.

But if you want to create a more creative and professional image or video by Adobe illustrator or Abode Photoshop then it can be a problem. In this case, you need to post Instagram stories with the right dimensions. Otherwise, you’ll have the possibility of cropping out some part of the photo that impacting the entirety of the image negatively you wanted to post on your story.

 What are the best third-party design tools to create the exact Instagram Story Size for Your Content?

There are a lot of third party design tools out there that you can use to create your stories’ content in the right stories size. Here are some best design tools to make your story content:

  • Buffer:  Buffer is the best design tool for story creation that has creative and unique templates you can use to make content for your story feed. Although they have a handful of story templates you can customize them with your photos and text, so it is a fairly robust design tool.
  • Snappa: Snappa is a pretty good tool that has gazillion stock images you can use to make captivating stories and more than 5,000 different story templates to sort through. But if you are using its free version then you are limited on your social accounts and download. You can buy its paid version in just $10 per month. It is a fairly good entry-level design tool that integrates with Buffer too.
  • Easil: Easil is a great tool for visual content with hundreds of thousands of templates including for IG stories. It is a drag and drop design editor with reasonable pricing.
  • Canva: Canva is an online graphic tool which is a great choice when it comes to creating exquisite graphics and captivating images for Instagram post and stories. Start creating your image for your stories by choosing the offered templates on their website. Set custom dimensions to ‘1080 x 1920’ pixels for your IG story images. Once you have set the recommended dimension for your story, tap on design and then start creating eye-catchy images. You can easily create stunning imagery for your stories and you can mix the templates with the video you take to create appealing multimedia Instagram stories.

There are a lot of options for design tools. Just find a good tool that works for your workflow.

How to take benefits from Instagram Story?

Now, you have the better idea that how to create a good story on Instagram in the right dimensions, it’s time to take actions and use your stories to get more followers and Instagram likes strategically.

Tell A Story:

Since you’re sharing IG story on your account, there is no reason not to use this feature to tell a story on your Instagram stories feed. People love to make connections with brands and Instagrammers. Instagram stories are a good artistic tool to do this. Be social and be authentic no matter what. Think of what you want to share and ensure that design the image with the right dimensions.

Make An Announcement:

Got a new product? Suppose you are an artist and you want to release your new songs and likely to tell your fans about it. Don’t just share this news to your newsfeed but also share it on your story as well.

Share Motivational Quotes:

People always like quotes that lift their soul, so why not use them on your stories. Share inspirational and motivational quotes especially if your Instagram account is all about traveling. Inspire your followers by sharing good travel quotes on your story feed. You can use the design tool for creating good quote images such as Textgram, Image Quote or Text on Photo Square.