Ultimate Guide to the Best Hashtags on Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is an excellent marketing platform that e-commerce entrepreneurs can use to develop an online store. Whether you are just starting out or your turnover is already several thousand dollars per month, Instagram is a precious tool to use to your advantage. You can use Instagram in different ways to develop the e-commerce promotion of your latest articles, acquisition of new customers, and even direct communication with customers. In June 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion active users per month. What a great marketing opportunity for companies who want to sell their products to as many people as possible without spending a fortune on advertisements!

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For a good integration of Instagram to your e-commerce, it is fundamental to use hashtags to your advantage because they are irreplaceable resources to develop your brand, broaden its scope, and establish its authority. It is said, we are well aware that even the most seasoned social media people often struggle to find the best hashtags for e-commerce on Instagram.

It is for this reason that we wrote this article. We want to help you better understand how hashtags work on Instagram and easily find the ones that will give you the most likes for your business. When you finish reading this, you will have all the tools you need to get your online store off the ground immediately.

What is a hashtag on Instagram?

A hashtag on Instagram is a word (or expression) preceded by the sign “#” and which is used in the description or comments of a post. Hashtags help Instagram organize and index content, which then allows the platform to present it to interested users. If you’re on social media a lot, you’ve probably seen hashtags in action.

Why use hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags on Instagram have different purposes. Here are a few:

  • More likes: Instagram users with a particular interest probably look for hashtags associated with this topic. So by using hashtags with your content, you are more likely to find you and discover your brand. This is why it is always good to identify the best hashtags to get likes.
  • More Instagram Followers: Instagram users who are interested in a certain niche are probably looking for hashtags related to that niche. As a result, using the right hashtags expands your reach and allows more people to discover your content. If they land on your account due to hashtags and like the content, they will surely follow it. This is an ideal situation for any entrepreneur! You promote your products and your brand to already enthusiastic users. In summary, using the right hashtags on Instagram is a great way to improve your visibility on the platform. 
  • More sales: if you use hashtags specific to a niche when promoting your products, you will attract the attention of potential buyers interested in the products associated with the content. You will be able to boost your store sales with well thought out hashtags used with attractive content.
  • Instagram hashtag performance monitoring: if you have a professional profile (Instagram Business), you have Insights to measure the performance of your hashtags. Instagram added this feature so you can analyze the effectiveness of the hashtags used by looking at the number of views or impressions of your posts.
  • Hashtag following on Instagram: Instagram now lets you follow to hashtags! This means that you can subscribe to a topic or community that interests you in the same way that you subscribe to a user.
  • Hashtags built into your Instagram biography: Another great feature for hashtags on Instagram is the ability to add clickable hashtags (and usernames) to your Instagram biography. To develop an effective biography and promote your favorite hashtag from the start.
  • Hashtags integrated into your Instagram stories: you also have another possibility of adding hashtags to your Instagram profile with Instagram stories. The Find and Explore page allows you to find hashtags added to stories. So if a user searches for the hashtag that you associated with your story, it will appear in the story feed at the top of the page.

How to find the best hashtags to use on Instagram?

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of hashtags on Instagram let’s take a look at how to spot the ones that will best prioritize your online store. To manage your e-commerce well, spend a little time looking for the best hashtags for likes, and especially those related to your niche. In terms of the marketing strategy for your online store, it is important to make decisions based on hard data. Instead of using the most popular Instagram hashtags, it may be better to favor those that are most relevant to your business or target to increase the chances of being recognized by the sector or target audience. So choose your hashtags strategically.

Here’s how to capture the best Instagram hashtags for your account:

Know who your audience is

If you just add popular Instagram hashtags to the end of your posts, you’re not going to grow your audience. Instead, take a look at what interests her and what she’s looking for, and then try to include the corresponding hashtags. If you add the keywords, the target audience is looking for; you are more likely to find them.

Research your competitors

By observing the hashtags used by your competitors on Instagram, you can find those that are the subject of the greatest number of interactions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compete with or copy these hashtags, but they may shape the image and feel of your Instagram posts.

Find Instagram influencers

One of the best ways to know which hashtags to use on Instagram is to look at the influencer’s side in your core business. Analyzing the hashtags they use and the interactions they generate will give you valuable information.

Take advantage of tools

You can use different tools to get the information you need to define the best Instagram Hashtags and earn likes. Whatever your online activity, there are hashtags related to it.

It’s up to you to play with the best hashtags on Instagram!

We have told you everything you need to know about Instagram hashtags. Congratulations! You’ve learned how to find the best hashtags for earning likes, and you’re ready to increase the number of Instagram followers in your store.

But don’t forget that it is important to examine the performance of your Instagram content to improve your presence on social networks, develop your e-commerce and generate more income.