7 Steps: How to Increase Instagram Story views in 24 Hours

Instagram stories is the most powerful way to grow quickly and easily on Instagram. However, many are using this feature continuously, they are not able to gain any engagement or reach. The only possible way to stay ahead of other is via increase in views. Though, this might seem a bit difficult or nearly impossible to increase views on your stories, we have got you covered.

Because we will break down all the effective tricks and tips that would be extremely helpful to you increasing views on your Instagram stories.

We bring to you 7 simple steps which will guarantee you in achieving a vast number of views on Instagram stories.

Step 1: Use trending hashtags

Instagram is popular for its best feature of letting people use hashtags to increase the reach and tap the untapped markets, communities or groups. Try searching for hashtags which are relevant to your post and use at least 11 hashtags to grow your following and reach. You will get more views and engagement when you will use a variety of hashtags in your stories.

Not only your story would become a part of a trending hashtag, but you will also increase your following. Thanks to the most recent feature of Instagram “Instagram Explore Page Algorithm” which allows you to follow hashtags. This means that there are many communities that have been formed around unique hashtags. If you are able to tap these communities, then you can surely generate a higher rate of interest, much more engagement and following. This will also result in gaining more and more views on every story you post on your Instagram page.

Step 2: Be Consistent

How many times do you post a story on Instagram? if you are among those who post just once a day, then you are not using underestimating the potential of Instagram Stories. You can post stories for as much time as you want, but make sure they are well edited/presented. The number of stories you will be posting, the more the chances of growing your views are there. As we all are aware of the fact that Instagram homepage allows four stories of the top people you follow.

This means that these four people/brands who stay among the top four on your Instagram homepage, are posting more than others.

You too need to post for maximum number of times to stay among the winners. However many of us are too occupied in our daily activities that we barely spend 10 minutes of every hour to post a story. But you can always post during the peak times to gain more views on your Instagram story.

Step 3: Be Visually appealing

Instagram is a visual platform and people tend to like and engage with stories that are visually appealing. Try taking good pictures or create creative art and designs that can make your followers stare on your story and make a lasting impression. Most people don’t realise the importance of a quality picture or design but you must focus on creating interesting designs and great pictures. They will surely increase your Instagram story views.

Step 4: Take a Poll/ Ask Questions

Have you ever thought of knowing the taste of your audience or what they like or dislike about your stories? Well, you can always ask them to know it all. This is the most exciting and important feature of Instagram stories. It gives you the ability to ask questions or take polls on an opinion or design or an idea.

“If you want to check the excitement level of your new product launch”, or “if you wish to take a survey of your new strategy or idea,” or if you wish to know that who all are going to attend a particular event” you are free to use this feature on Instagram. This feature lets you interact directly to your followers or customers or your community. Feel free to use this feature on your Instagram story for as many times you want to keep up the hype, engagement and views on your Instagram stories.

Step 5: Be Creative

The best thing about Instagram stories is its ability to stay live for only 24 hours. Now this give you a chance to be creative everyday. Treat your Instagram stories just like your post and add as much creativity you can to make it visually appealing and interactive. Keep a tap of similar profiles and try following the trend they follow. You should also keep coming with new strategies and ideas to stay new and fresh everyday.

Step 6: Use Location tags

Instagram keeps securing its platform constantly and looks out for content that are user-generated. Instagram also organises its content according to the location. This facilitates a tourist or local traveller or for someone who wants to visit a new place. Use the location tagging feature on your Instagram stories to gain more footfall in your local business or services. Also having a strong hold on local Instagram location will you generate immense brand awareness and traffic.

Step 7: Buy Instagram story views

Even if you are a beginner or an experienced user on Instagram, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t gain you a massive amount of story views on your Instagram stories. This results in doing more and achieving less. But when you buy Instagram story views, you generate a better following on your posts and people start noticing and valuing your Instagram page and eventually your brand/business. Keep buying Instagram story views on a constant basis to keep the buzz and hype on among your audience and following.


All in all you must try to use all the features that comes along with Instagram stories. You can also showcase behind the scenes or an ongoing work or a process to keep your audience engaged about your brand/business. The whole essence of Instagram story is to keep your followers engaged and keep building a long lasting impression.