How to get more likes on Instagram

“Instagram has become the most popular space for promoting your business, products, services, engaging with your audience or to grow your network and eventually your net worth.

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Now, how to increase your net worth? This can only happen with Instagram likes. The more people like your content, more will be the reach, engagement and popularity and eventually, you will grow as a business or brand.

Focus on creating quality content:

Content will always be the king. You must try to priorities the quality of your content above everything else. Images that are posted on Instagram generates 23% more engagement than Facebook. Not only this, but you can also sell directly to your potential customers via Shopify on Instagram. You just need to integrate your Instagram account with your Shopify account.

Types of content to increase likes on Instagram: “Behind the scenes”

Though there have been many types of content that performs good and attract people to like your content but “behind the scenes” has always been the best of all strategy.

As people want ti to know your story and the reason/idea/motivation behind your work.

Take the example of a product brand and what will change the game once it shares the process that goes behind in making the final product.

  1. It will show your customers that how much care you take about maintaining high-quality standards and doing things in the best possible manner.
  2. When you show the hard work that goes behind; people will start believing in your brand and this will increase the chances of them buying from you or become your loyal customers.
  3. Showcasing the activity that goes behind in bringing or making a complete product will make your company or brand look more “Human.”
  4. Your regular customers will feel good when they will know and understand the amount of care and devotion your brand/company puts in creating a high-quality product.

Product Photos

This is one of the best strategies that comes after “behind the scenes” strategy.

  1. If your product is eye-catchy and has a defining character to it, then you must always try this option.
  2. It’s never been a tough task to take high-quality photos. You can take good photos that are worth sharing on your Instagram account by using your phone’s camera.
  3. Lighting has always been the deciding factor for taking quality photos. You should always go for using natural lighting as much as you can. It always works well.
  4. But even if you are not able to find that proper lighting for your product, you can try moving it closer to an open window.

Make your captions descriptive:

A photo speaks more than the words. Agreed, but what if you can combine both. Picture and words in the same place. Think about the amount of engagement it would attract. Many popular Instagram accounts like National Geographic, uses a descriptive caption against its photos and promotes storytelling along with a powerful photo. The brand has over 50 million Instagram followers.

Stay Consistent

You don’t want to be forgotten for no reason. When you have the product and services that are worth selling and engaging a small or a larger group of people or community, then why not do it every day. But how can you be consistent on Instagram?

  1. Try posting at least two posts in a day. You can choose 10 am and 6 pm as two slots for displaying your posts on Instagram. Both these timings work best for everyone as people are almost free in these hours of the day.
  2. You might start seeing a drop in your followers when you stop posting every day. And you don’t want that.
  3. Develop a unique style for your account and stay consistent with it. You can choose a unique color for all of your posts for a week or a month and try to maintain that fashion consistently for the decided period of time.
  4. It becomes easier to make and maintain a campaign when your posts follow a similar kind of style and layout consistently.
  5. By being consistent, you will be able to spread awareness and can also be assured of people sharing your content.

Try the local way.

Keep an eye on what’s going on in your community or your neighborhood or a specific area, where your ads/ hoardings are placed. You can also search for similar events that are happening around.

You can do this by clicking on the search option on Instagram and choosing the “Places” tab. Here you will be able to see all the geo-tagged posts for the searched locations.

How to get more likes on Instagram (Summary)

  1. Use many hashtags(maximum of 30) when you post an image of your product/ services.
  2. Buy Instagram likes to make your content look more authentic and sharable by people or your potential customers.
  3. Put a bio link to drive traffic to your most popular product/content. Using bio links also make sure that your website traffic gets increased.  Bio links are also meant to drive people directly to the buying page of your website and hence generate more sale.
  4. Try writing descriptive captions to support your post/image. In this way, you can make the most use of real Instagram likes that has been bought. As people will get influenced by the authenticity and the quality of work done in making the post.
  5. Keep interacting with people and buy Instagram likes on a regular basis to maintain the high engagement on your Instagram page.
  6. Always try to develop a unique way to make your posts look visually attractive and different from others. You can do this by studying other Instagram accounts which have similar interests as yours and based on your key findings, make your own unique way of storytelling. In this way, your posts will look fresh and new.
  7. When you buy Instagram likes, try making the most of it by being consistent with your postings. Try scheduling your posts for a defined time of the day or try to follow a certain timeline for your Instagram posts. In this way, your followers will know about your timings and hence the engagement on your page would be more.