How to increase Instagram Impressions – Complete Guide

What is Instagram impression all about?

Instagram impressions are the number of times your post/image/video/story has been viewed by your followers and other Instagram users. Though we are always confused between reach and impressions; if the impressions on your post are higher than its reach then it’s an indication that your audience is viewing your Instagram post multiple times.

You should analyze the post which has a high impressions-to-reach ratio which will tell you about the posts that are doing well. And you can strategize the time and kind of postings accordingly to gain more impressions.

How to get more and more impressions?

Getting more Impressions on a post is every Instagrammer’s dream. Over a million posts are uploaded on Instagram in a second.

Hence to show your posts to more and more people has become a tedious task. But we are here to get you all covered.

1. Use hashtags

The symbol hashtag (#) is now the most popular term in the field of social media and is widely used by everyone whose business profile or personal profile is on Instagram.

As a social media marketer or a brand or a beginner, you need to incorporate hashtags into your Instagram strategy.

2. How hashtags can help me?

70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded. Also, images/videos posted on Instagram with only one hashtag receive 12.6% greater engagement rate than images/videos posted without hashtags. The more hashtags (maximum of 30) the more you will increase the chances of letting your post seen by many people. This will, in turn, increase the impressions.

3. Use new hashtags

Try to use relevant hashtags which are new but still relevant to your post. In this way, you can make sure that your post gets more impressions from new users. Also, you will be able to increase the reach of your post both organically and quickly.

The most important key to using the right hashtags is by using a blend of trending hashtags which are being widely used in addition to the unique hashtags used by your brand.

You should also use industry-specific hashtags to make sure that it’s seen maximum by the people of same interests and work. Try using distinctive types of hashtags for maximum impressions.

4. Engagement should be the goal.

Don’t just focus on selling your products or services or opinions among your audience, rather focus on creating a post that generates engagement. If you really want to improve the impressions on your post then just need to be creative enough to create a post that ask questions to the audiences as “You like this or that” and people will start commenting and engaging on your post.

Ask your followers to tag their friends on your post. Also, you can ask your audience’s opinions about what they want to see from you or what they are interested in. In this way, you are not only increasing the number of impressions on your post, rather, but you are also taking their views to develop your strategy for your next campaign.

5. Post at peak times

Though the best peak times are 10 am and 6 pm, you can always select the peak time that is most suitable for your business. Try posting at a number of timings for a week or a month and try to analyse all of your posts. You will find the most suitable peak time with the highest number of impressions. Now you can just follow these peak times for your business on an everyday basis to increase the number of impressions on an everyday basis.

Though you can also try posting at multiple timings. They can be Tuesday morning, Sunday noon or Monday evening. When you will post at more peak times, you will find there are many unique visitors that are coming to your Instagram page.

6. Go live

This is the best asset (Instagram live) to gain more impressions and increase the reach and engagement on your page. Who you go Live, Instagram starts sending notifications to each of your followers that you are live. In this way, all of your followers will come to know about your page again and join your live story.

With this feature, you can also interact and ask questions or give answers to your audience. This is a fantastic approach to boost your account with some extra visibility and staying ahead of others in Instagram’s explore section.

7. Buy Instagram Followers

If you want to be easily recognised by unique visitors and have an Instagram account which is so tempting that every visitor follows your page, then you can try buying Instagram followers. This will not only unlock a few potential features such as “Swipe Up” but also increase the chances of getting followed by many people and hence increasing the followers on your page.

Having more followers on a page make the page look more credible and authentic to any unique visitor. With more followers, you also increase the chances of a brand sponsoring you for promoting their content on your page.

8. Buy Instagram Impressions

When you buy impressions on Instagram; not only you increase the profile visits on your page rather you also make your page stay in the memories of your visitors. In this way, it becomes very easy to do branding and start campaigns for a maximum impact.


Instagram is a powerful platform for the millennials. Not only it makes your brand to unique people, but it also allows you to interact and communicate with you in quirkier and easier ways. Instagram keeps updating its user interface and keeps on adding new features to itself.

So, whether you are a beginner or a professional; try using the new features and tools on Instagram to interact with your audience and increase the impressions on your Instagram page.

Though Instagram is available for all kinds of brands in the market, it also allows you to sell products directly to your potential buyers or create hype among your audience for a new launch. All in all, Instagram is your next stop to make it to the pinnacle of success in this new age of social media and community.