How To Increase Instagram Followers Fast – 8 Tips

Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars. And that is a lot of money. But why?
Because, Instagram now generates over a million dollars a day in ad revenue, because of its popularity and functionality to influence people or sell your products in the most attractive manner. It’s so good that everyone now wants to have more and more Instagram followers.
But how can we increase our followers on Instagram fast?

How To Increase Instagram Followers Fast?

#1 The Profile image

Always make sure that you have a really good and attractive profile image. Something that looks professional and speaks about your brand or self. It should be easily recognisable and if you are putting some text on your profile image, make sure it’s readable by all.

#2 The Bio

Just having a good and alluring profile image isn’t enough. You need to put in the name of your brand or self and a description. Make sure the description that describes your business or brand +is catchy.

Try keeping it short, simple and to the point. You need to give people a reason to follow you. Your description should also be able to match the type of content that you’re going to post on your page. In this way, people are going to know who they are following and why.

#3 The Content/images

Once you’re done setting your profile picture and the description, make sure you create amazing and beautiful pictures or designs. If your images aren’t good, then whatever marketing gimmicks you run; you’re not going to perform well on Instagram, if your images are not amazing and eye-catchy.

And that’s the good thing about Instagram. You can actually go in the past by using hashtags or keywords and you’ll able to all the photos posted within your space and check what kind of photos have done well. The more visually appealing your photo is, the better off you are and your brand.

#4 The Consistency

Consistency is the key to get real Instagram followers. If you post once a week, then you’re going to get many Instagram likes on that particular photo and that’s what everyone wants. To get more engagement on a post. But what you’ll also notice that your Instagram followers base is not increasing fast enough. You can actually do good for your Instagram page if you post once or twice a day.

Try maintaining a consistent schedule. Make sure that if you post at 10 am, then you should keep up with it. If you also want to post in the evening time, when most of the audience is free from work, like 6 p.m, then keep up with it. You can also choose to do it twice a day. 10 a.m. in the morning and 6 p.m. in the evening. These are two good time slots that work really well for all type of businesses.

#5 Post Description

When you are posting an image or a design, try using a long description for your post. So Instagram gives you the liberty of adding text to your images. The more thorough your description/caption is, the more people would be able to find your image/design when searching about it.

#6 Hashtags

Hashtags make your post able to reach to a larger number of audience. And people on Instagram use as many as 30 hashtags but that will make your post look a little tacky. But if you wish to add five or ten hashtags on each of your posts, then it’s not a problem.

It’s always better than using no hashtags at all. Always use a handful of hashtags that are related to your post, so that it is easily available in the search results.

#7 Follow others

Make sure you follow 30 people per hour. Though technically, you can follow more people per hour but that will get too spammy and you are going to hit Instagram filters. Instead, you can follow 30 people within for your space per hour or 30 people that interest you or people from whom you want to take inspiration from. As you will do that, you will start noticing that a lot of people will follow you back.

And as they follow you back and you start posting new posts, then you will be able to witness that you are getting more likes and comments than before. And when you get more and more comments, just make sure that you respond to them. The more people you will engage and respond with, the more likely that they are actually going to share your posts within their community or groups or friends. In this way you would get real Instagram followers.

#8 Tagging

Instagram also gives you this unique ability to tag people and this works wonderfully for your business or brand. You can actually tag one of the Instagram followers or can say that “tag a friend with whom you would like to travel to this place.” So the more people you tag on Instagram, the more likely that you are going to get new Instagram followers on your Instagram page.