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Social media profile on Instagram:
Social Media Profile is the online identity of a person. It includes everything a person may think, do, likes and interests. Create an account or profile on social media where you can carry out your social activities and make the world aware of your presence. The most prominent among Social media sites is Instagram due to more number of user profiles and comparatively most spending time of people over this site which allows them to share their memories, experiences, day to day works, routines, check ins, sharing the unforgettable moments with the loved ones by uploading pictures, videos, etc. Therefore, 20 Tips to Grow Social Media Profile on Instagram will help in a better and attractive Instagram profile which will engage your followers too and even you can buy Instagram followers.
20 Tips to Grow Social Media Profile on Instagram:
Following these tips will not only help in maintaining your profile but will also boost up your profile in the platform. The tips are as follows:
• First of all identify your goal and objectives regarding your presence over the social media i.e. why you are here and what you want to contribute over here and what is the main purpose behind joining this media and the results you want.
• Try to share original content, as this thing is of great significance. If your posts are original rather than copy of any other person then others will prefer and like your post.
• Post according to trend, post something valuable and authentic news about the current situation, as people will get their attention diverted to your posts.
• If you have a page, then tag your page and share its post with your personal profile.
• Use Hashtags, this will help in making your profile and post visible in the current mean time and your profile will have more exposure to the public rather than the post having no hashtag.
• Join different Instagram groups or buy real active Instagram followers and leave a valuable post over there, in such a way that people would get more and more engaged towards it, this will increase your social circle and many people would be able to know your social profile.
• like some pages and write a valuable comment over there, such that it is noticeable with respecting the viewpoint of other or get Instagram Comments.
• Add Instagram to your email signature, we send a lot of emails in a day and writing your Instagram profile name and address will attract more people towards your social Instagram profile and will get to know you more closely.
• Show your humble and softer side, respond to your audience, and don’t be rude. Try to understand and respect others ideology and viewpoints and respond in a well-mannered way.
• If you have a website, then add a badge of Instagram along with your profile over there, so people can interact with you over the social media site also.
• Share your Instagram profile with every one, so people may acknowledge your presence on Instagram. Don’t be too spammy while doing this rather than send once in a while.
• Send Friend requests to people you may know and people you may consider have same interests or are on the same side as you are so your social circle may increase.
• The content you post should be valuable and should respect the viewpoints of other without creating and jeopardy.
• Engage with everyone you know over the profile and those commenting on your posts and pictures, so they many not feel alienated and may consider that they are being read and are not taken for granted.
• Try to post at comfortable rate for the audience, there should be not more and more posts, rather than there should be normality in your posts i.e. neither spam of posts nor such that you post once in a blue moon.
• People are more exposed to posts that are questions based rather than others, so post some questions keeping in view the different category of people, so that people may get engaged to your posts, and don’t forget to respond to their answers.
• Try to promote your page by other Instagram profile or pages by asking them to share your profile over their page.
• Sponsor your profile page by sponsoring your Profile you can get more exposure and audience in a lesser time. It’s a quick way to get your post, pictures and videos more buy Instagram likes in cheap rates.
• Try to understand the psyche of the people around you, what they want to read, their priorities, their nature and post according to them to engage them.
• Integrate your Instagram profile to other social media sites also like twitter, Instagram, etc. so instagram Followers of one site may also find you over Instagram easily.


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