How to boost Instagram account and following

When you say Instagram, you need to know these 5 basic introductory things about it.

  1. It is a visual platform.
  2. It is about creativity at its best.
  3. It is about creating an appealing post/story.
  4. It is about engaging directly with your audience.
  5. It is about never going out of trend. Or you will be out of the game

Though using Instagram to attract more followers and increase the engagements demands the right approach to it. Here are 10 tips and tricks which will help you in taking your brand/company/personal profile to the next level.

     1.Use the right hashtags:

You want your post to reach more and more people. And you also want that new audience keeps coming to interact with your post and increase the likes and following. To achieve both, start by using a minimum of 10 hashtags and a maximum of 30 hashtags. But keep in mind that you only use hashtags, which are relevant to your post. Use a mix of popular hashtags and unique hashtags to keep your current audience engaged while attracting the new ones at the same time.

  1. Post at peak timings:

According to key findings, most of the people are active on Instagram at 10 am and 6 pm. These two timings are considered to be the best times to post on Instagram but they might not be the best times for your business. You must check the insights of your posts and analyze it on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you are able to find out the timeline in which you have the highest engagement rate, start following it for your next posts.

  1. Buy Instagram followers:

You might be thinking of buying Instagram followers as a costlier option, but this will help your page become more authentic. As people tend to follow the pages which have a larger number of following. Also, you will be able to turn your Instagram account into a micro-blogging website after buying 10,000 followers at least. It’s a win-win situation for your business. The more followers you have the number of head turns and audiences you will attract would be more.

  1. Attract followers by running Giveaways:

This is one of the most successfully tried ways to increase your followers. All you need to do is to create a post that is relevant to your brand/company and you can ask your followers to tag more and more friends to increase your chances to win the giveaway.

Take an example:

  • Business/brand category: Fitness
  • Giveaway post: An image of a girl doing a workout on a holiday.
  • Caption: Tag your friends who will skip their trip to hit the gym. And win free trial sessions.

You can then use popular hashtags, to increase the impressions of your post. More reach will result in more and more people tagging their friends and hence increasing your followers.

  1. Use the “HIghlights” to highlight your services/stories

When a potential customer or follower lands on your Instagram profile, make sure you are able to convince them to follow your profile. You can achieve this by using the newest feature by Instagram – Highlights. Organize your stories in a way that people are able to interact and know your purpose in a better and clear way.

Also, your instagram stories have only 24-hours of lifespan. Hence, you can use the “Highlights” to store these stories categorically. In this way, you will attract new followers and they will also not have the fear of missing on your stories.

  1. Consistency is the key

People won’t just land on your profile and hit that follow button for your past work. You need to give them faith that you will keep posting in the days to come. You should try to post twice a day and follow a specific theme. Make sure, your Instagram page looks appealing in the first glance as “the first impression is the last impression.”

  1. Never go out of trend

“If you cannot make a trend you can at least follow it.” Following a specific topic that resonates with your brand’s language is the best way to attract most of the followers. For example, You can participate in the #NoShaveNovember” to sell more of your salon products. Or you can also use “BlackFridaySale” to attract new customers and sell more in a very less span of time.

You should also make sure that your audience is willing to pay attention to the trend you have started. For this, you need to keep a check the engagement rate of your posts on a daily basis.

  1. Become Discoverable with Geotags 

Using hashtags is one way to make your post reach to many people. But there’s another way too. Simply by tagging the location, where a photo or video has been shot or by tagging the location of a venue where an event has happened, you can make your posts discoverable. Just like the hashtags has its own feed, the geotags too has its own feed and stories. Geotags are also helpful in finding the exact location and hence increases the authenticity of your post and your Instagram profile,

  1. Buy Instagram likes

People tend to like and share a post automatically if it has many likes already. You should try this trick for alluring more and more engagement on your post. If it is a sales post, you would be able to sell to more and more customers. This would also add to the authenticity of your posts and hence you will have dedicated followers.

  1. Monitor your Insights

A weekly analysis of your posts and Instagram profile would help you in targeting the right audience and scheduling your posts for peak times. Instagram Insights would make you see the reach, engagement and impressions on your post. Use this data to overcome the shortcomings and compare the timings. Also, try to replicate the best practices that have got the best engagement in future.