YouTube users often get so engrossed in a video that they wish to play it again and again. Whether it is your favorite song you want to play on repeat or a video you just can’t get enough of, it can be a great hassle to play it again and again. An easy solution to […]

followers on instagram

In the new generation of social networks, people are dethroning Facebook and Twitter and viewing products and reviews on Instagram. Business owners are continually looking for people who advocate for their products and promote the brand as ambassadors to whom they can give gifts, pay for trips, invest in their homes, and additionally pay them […]

How to Change tiktok password and username

Tiktok is increasingly popular in the social media landscape. People buy Tiktok followers and likes and enjoy stardom on this app. At Tiktok, you can change your name and password later. This is particularly appropriate if you have registered with an email address, and the first part of this address is automatically assigned as the […]

hashtags on instagram

Instagram is an excellent marketing platform that e-commerce entrepreneurs can use to develop an online store. Whether you are just starting out or your turnover is already several thousand dollars per month, Instagram is a precious tool to use to your advantage. You can use Instagram in different ways to develop the e-commerce promotion of […]

how to make a instagram poll

Are you looking for ways to entice your audience to interact with your brand on Instagram? Do you want to get more comments from your audience directly? Instagram stories can help you. They have tons of features that you can use. One of them is the polls on Instagram Stories. If you want to engage […]

The Instagram app was first launched in 2010 that created a huge buzz in the world of social media. However, Flickr existed then which was undoubtedly the first choice of the users for photo sharing over the web. But due to the unique features of Instagram, it has become the solo warrior among the top […]


When you say Instagram, you need to know these 5 basic introductory things about it. It is a visual platform. It is about creativity at its best. It is about creating an appealing post/story. It is about engaging directly with your audience. It is about never going out of trend. Or you will be out […]

Instagram story views

Instagram stories is the most powerful way to grow quickly and easily on Instagram. However, many are using this feature continuously, they are not able to gain any engagement or reach. The only possible way to stay ahead of other is via increase in views. Though, this might seem a bit difficult or nearly impossible […]

Instagram Impressions

What is Instagram impression all about? Instagram impressions are the number of times your post/image/video/story has been viewed by your followers and other Instagram users. Though we are always confused between reach and impressions; if the impressions on your post are higher than its reach then it’s an indication that your audience is viewing your […]

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